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Flat Roofing in Crewe

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Looking for flat roofing in Crewe? Call the experts at Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd. Taking you through the entire operation from planning to completion, Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd have a team of expert roofers who are on hand to provide you with the perfect flat roof for your property. With a range of diverse materials, and options available we’re bound to have the roof for you.

If you are unsure which roofing choice is the best for you then why don’t you ask the team? After taking into consideration the size of your roof and your requirements we can advise you on the best roofing choice for you.

Abnormally shaped roof? Want the freedom of design? Single ply membranes could be the answer; with total freedom of choice for the appearance and design, single ply membranes are suitable no matter the design of your roof. Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd can help and advise both domestic and commercial consumers, regardless of the size of the job or project.

A single ply membrane flat roof will secure your structure from weather whilst lasting for years to come and looking wonderful; sheets are generally composed of synthetic polymer, which makes them strong and flexible. If you’re unsure if a single ply membrane flat roof is appropriate for you, the Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd team can explain all of their options to you and guide you toward a well informed decision. Whether you are refurbishing your original roof, building an extension or a block of flats and require a single ply roof, we’re able to help as the foremost experts at flat roofing in Crewe.


FELT ROOFING – Supplying a cost efficient solution for your flat roof, high performance felt roofing provides a traditional hard wearing surface that is protected against UV radiation. Our felt roofing fitters are fully trained and insured to complete hot works on your home, and the high performance systems we use will ensure a long life expectancy and can include a manufacturers warranty for total peace of mind.

Felt Roofing is suitable for all domestic flat roofs, including garages, extensions, and shed roofs, especially when a long lasting solution is necessary. If you choose a high performance felt roof for your flat roof, the team at Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd will install your new roof quickly, safely and

efficiently, making sure your area is clean and tidy when we leave.

EPDM ROOFING – EPDM is waterproof and weather resistant, giving you a modern alternative option for all types of flat roofs which includes garages, single storey extensions and more. If you’re interested in collecting rain water, the EPDM material will not pollute your rainwater, ensuring that it’s suitable for personal use. A synthetic rubber, EPDM has a lengthy life expectancy and will flex to the climatic conditions making sure that it will never bend and break.

GRP / FIBERGLASS ROOFING – GRP, also known as fibreglass roofing, supplies flexibility in design whilst being a cost-effective way to prevent leaks into your office or home. As specialist flat roof installers we can suggest the perfect flat roof solution for your building.

With a number of colours and finishes available, a GRP roof is a toughened surface and is also suitable to be used as walkways, terraces or balconies.

Our Roofing Services Include:

Liquid Resin Flat Roofing in Crewe

If you require a roof that’s fully protected against the elements, weatherproof and waterproof, then a liquid resin system roof from Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd is the one for you. The resin is quickly applied to refurbish your old roof, or can be installed on any new roofing project, providing you with a waterproof, seamless barrier, shielding your roof for years to come.

Our liquid system roofs protect against UV damage and are available in a choice of colours and designs, in addition to being anti-slip should you want to use on walkways, terraces or balconies. Quick to install, your roof can look like new in no time at all.

Replacing your existing flat roof? Liquid system roofs are suited to roofs you need refurbishing. After evaluating you roof, the liquid resin can be applied onto your existing roof with a new guarantee, often with no need to strip your existing roof covering.


  • Long life expectancy
  • Cold applied
  • Freedom of design
  • Well suited for a variety of flat roofs
  • Protection from UV radiation

ECO warm Roofs

An ECO warm roof is a high tech insulated roofing system which allows you to efficiently insulate existing flat roof’s and upgrade to existing building regulations. Due to current government legislation this option also has the added incentive of improving your roof at a reduced rate of VAT. Ask our team for more information.

Not only does this energy-saving insulation help in keeping your home warm in winter, it also offers cooling in the summer.

Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd could save you money on your home heating bills!


  • Warmer in the winter
  • Cooler in summers
  • Energy saving
  • Cheaper fuel bills
  • Lower rate of VAT


A green roof (sometimes referred to as a living roof) is a flat roof totally covered with a growing material installed over waterproofing membrane. Having a green roof increases the value of your property and lasts for years, becoming a worthwhile investment. In addition to looking great, green roofs absorb rainwater which you can use personally, and also give insulation for your building.

If you’re unclear whether a green roof would be suited to you home or business Better Choice Roofing and Building Ltd can provide you with a site survey and extensive advice on the best roofing solution for you.


  • Increases the value of your home
  • Long life expectancy
  • Insulation for your building
  • Absorbs rain water
  • Low maintenance choice

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